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The HR outsourcing services allows your business to outsource a range of tasks. These HR solutions are ideal for companies of all sizes who don’t have the resources required to expand an in-house HR staff, or the current staff is overloaded and needs options for decreasing their workload.

Centrion Staffing Solutions provides you with a comprehensive HR services that gives you the freedom to focus on growth and opportunity for your business by offering a cost-effective way to ensure you are at the cutting edge of HR best practices.

Recruitment and Hiring

Support the organization ability to acquire, retain and develop the best talent and skills.

Committed to building relationships on integrity and trust, we will uncover the very best people for your business. Our HR recruitment solutions are:

  • Thorough and detailed – to identify all suitable candidates
  • Transparent and audited – with clear milestones
  • Timetabled and carefully project managed


Increasing the confidence, skills and productivity of your staff can enhance organizational effectiveness leading to real additional value to your organization. We work closely with our clients to allow us to specially tailor our training programs to meet the needs and demands of our clients.

Termination Process

We ensure that the Exit interviews are done professionally and on time. Proper record keeping will help you in determining the employees’ final due by calculating the number of days worked in the month, number of days for short notice and number of days earned. We provide a platform to safely handover past employees’ benefits and compensations both internally and externally. We help to develop and use a clearance checklist to identify what the employee may have in his or her possession that belongs to the company. Count on us to help you follow up with the employee to return the assets before professionally being signed off.

Performance Management and Appraisal

Performance management is about getting the most out of every employee. Formalizing the performance management process in your organization is important so that it becomes routine and embedded in your organization culture. Our aim is to improve your process so that the employees take charge of their success and career growth and hence a good return on human capital investment for your company.

HR Audit

This is an independent and objective evaluation of organizations Human resource (HR) functions. To ensure that our clients have up to date policies and processes in place, as it is an important foundation of effective people practices-not only to comply with key aspects of legislation but to ensure managers are fair and consistent, and that employees know what to expect from them.

Personnel Administration and Management

Proper management of personnel file is a legal obligation. Maintaining up to date employee records can offer great opportunity. For instance workplace records make everything from recruitment, right through to employee training and development and even dismissal easier and less stressful.
Without proper records, it can be difficult if not impossible to evaluate your employees performance and whether of note they add value to your organization. Cenrion staffing solutions recognizes that the strength of a workforce is only possible through the proper recording management. Engage us to help you through this process.

Team Building

Effective teams are essential to your ability to deliver your organizations objectives, and with the pace of change increasing, more and more teams are experiencing new challenges.

Centrion Staffing Solutions provides a tailored and creative approach on a range of issues around leadership, motivation, innovation and communication, all aimed at maximizing their individual and group strengths to build high performing teams.

Centrion Staffing Solutions

CENTRION Staffing Solutions is a professional services firm registered in Kenya offering Human Resource Business Solutions.

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